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English learning on a different level. 100% FREE English learning.(for limited time only) Making English simple. Extremely effective.


The future of English learning

Our aim is to make English learning easy,fun and highly effective.We also believe that students should learn useful language that is used day to day.There is constant revision and recycling with all of our courses, so students learn but don't forget afterwards. The material on Quick Learn English is designed to be as easy to use as possible.
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100% FREE English learning. (for limited time only)

Recycling vocabulary

The words are recycled through the whole level, so the learner is constantly reminded of vocabulary all through the units. In order to learn a word, it is generally necessary to see and use the word a number of times.

All the words for the vocabulary courses have been carefully chosen for each level, so learners won't waste their time learning words that they will never use or hear.

  • Word match (English to foreign language 30%)
  • Gap fill exercises using vocabulary from word match
  • Revision of all the words from the unit (only English)
  • Grammar reference: Correct use of vocabulary
  • Word list of all the vocabulary from the unit

500 Words Each Level

There is constant revision and recycling with all of our courses, so students learn but don’t forget afterwards.

Easy & Fast Learning

Our system enables students to learn new vocabulary very quickly and effectively without trying to memorize everything.

Cost Effective

We believe our word learning system is the easiest and most effective way of learning words.